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The following are not rules, but are just etiquettes, we expect that you follow. Your co-operation is always appreciated.

Well-groomed: Being clean and well groomed is important. In preparation for the date, be showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair and wear respectable clothing.

Be Level Headed: If you partake in an escort experience, make sure that your room is drug free. You can bring a bottle of wine for you and your escort to enjoy, but spirit drinks, such as vodka are not to be consumed by the escort under no circumstances.

Respect: Be respectful of each other’s limits. Never force yourself on the escort and demand that she does something that puts your safety at risk.

“Excuse me for a second”: After the initial conversation, the escort will excuse herself into the washroom. This is your opportunity to get comfortable and undressed. Remember to respect one another’s boundaries. No means no.

Condoms: Bring a whole box. There is no question about it, our escorts only play safe.

Thank you: Remember to express gratitude to the escort for her services. It would mean the world to her to know that her work is helbing others and is appreciated by her clients. Cancellation: If you would like to cancel the service, give the escort enough notice.

Payment: Pay the escort the amount agreed upon. This should be done at the beginning of the session. Payment is mandatory, not optional.